Did you know that Diabetes is the most common cause of preventable blindness in the developed world?

At Eyes & Vision we use Digital Retinal Imaging (DRI) to detect early new blood vessel and exudate appearance.

In addition, we now have Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) which is able to detect Diabetic Macular Oedema.

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common complications of Diabetes, making eye care for those with Diabetes an everyday concern.

Diabetic Retinopathy occurs when blood glucose is high and blood becomes thicker and sticky – almost like syrup, making it hard for the blood to get through the tiny capillaries that supply the retina with blood.  The eye responds by making more capillaries to supply the retina. This proliferation of blood vessels leads to a decline in sight and eventual blindness if untreated. Click here to learn more.

70% of people with Diabetes develop changes in their eyes within 15 years of diagnosis and the longer they have Diabetes the more likely they are to develop Diabetic Retinopathy.