Do I have Glaucoma?

The gold standard is careful 3D Optic nerve head analysis by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, preferably using digital photography. This is essential in the analysis of Glaucoma. In addition, measurement of corneal thickness by ultrasound or other means, visual field analysis, and assessment of the nerve fibre layer of the eye is as important as measurement of IOP. The latest Humphrey field tests include GPA (Glaucoma Progression Analysis), which statistically detects if the field of vision is changing, over repeated field analysis. This is not available with cheaper field machines.

If your last Optometrist just measured pressure, this does not give the full picture.

Early detection helps us to diagnose and control Glaucoma before permanent damage is done.

If you have Glaucoma or are developing Glaucoma OCT enables us to watch closely for the slightest changes and respond as needed. OCT gives us high quality, highly accurate knowledge of your eyes that is simply unavailable with any other technology. This extremely detailed understanding of your eyes can be instrumental and essential in safeguarding your vision for many years to come.