Healthy Eyes

An essential part of healthy contact lens wear is a regular eye examination.

Advances in contact lens technology have now virtually eliminated problems previously associated with contact lenses. However it is still vital you follow the guidelines given to you by your Optometrist when wearing and caring for your lenses.

Key steps to safe contact lens wear:

EVERY DAY Check that your eyes

If not, remove your lenses and contact your Optometrist immediately

  1. Always follow the wearing times advised by your Optometrist
  1. Wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses each time.
  1. Always use fresh solution. Never top up ie, add additional solution to the solution already in the lens case. Never reuse the solution in a contact lens case.
  1. When lenses have been stored for more than 7 days, lenses should be re-disinfected before use, irrespective of whether a peroxide based or multipurpose solution is used.
  1. Never use tap water to store, clean or rinse your contact lenses. Water is a common source of bugs that can produce sight threatening infections.
  1. Replace immediately faulty, dried out or damaged lenses
  1. Replace your lens case at least every three months. Lens case hygiene is extremely important. The inside of your contact lens case should be cleaned with your disinfecting solution and left to dry after every use.
  1. Never sleep in your contact lenses unless advised by your Optometrist. If you have been advised by your Optometrist that you can sleep in your lenses, only sleep in lenses specifically prescribed for continuous wear and do not sleep in your lenses if you are sick.
  1. Wear goggles while swimming with contact lenses or remove contact lenses to swim.
  1. Attend contact lens check ups as advised by your Optometrist