How does it work?

Ortho K gently reshapes your cornea

A regular contact lens cannot change the shape of your eye; they only work as a prescription lens vision aid.

Only an individually designed custom fitted Ortho-k lens can reshape your cornea.

The lens does not physically push on the eye to change its shape. Rather, it induces hydrostatic pressures in the tear film between the contact lens and the eye, which progressively redistribute the cells on the surface of the cornea resulting in a change to the surface shape of the eye, and producing a change the focusing power of the eye.

The integrity and structure of the cornea is unaltered, making it a safe and reversible process.

If you are myopic, the Ortho-K lens produces a flatter central cornea and steepens the peripheral cornea to correct the nearsightedness. With Hyperopia and Presbyopia the cornea is shaped to the lens’ double reverse geometry design steepening the central cornea and flattening the peripheral cornea, to correct the farsightedness.

Vision improvements can usually be seen the next day with the procedure stabilising after a week.  High prescriptions may take from 2 to 4 weeks to stabilise.

Ortho-k does not make any permanent changes to the eye surface. Your eyes will revert to their former state within 1 to 4 weeks as soon as you stop using the lenses.