Ortho K costs

Welcome to better vision with Ortho K

Treatment includes 2 Ortho-K lenses, a contact lens care solution value pack, comfort drops, lens sucker and 8 appointments over 12 months.

The Ortho-K schedule is as follows:

    1. Initial Ortho-K assessment: Refraction, corneal health evaluation, digital corneal topography
    1. Fitting of Ortho-K lens, teaching of insertion and removal, and care and maintenance lens care program.

Lenses are then worn for the first time that night

    1. The following morning the lenses are worn to the first appointment at 9am
    1. Aftercare 1 week later
    1. Aftercare 2 weeks later
    1. Aftercare 1 month later
    1. Aftercare 3 months later
    1. Aftercares every 6 months thereafter.

Total Cost of Ortho-K Treatment

Low Myopia

  1. 2 eyes          $1300
  1. 1 eye           $950

High Myopia        

  1. 2 eyes         $1550
  1. 1 eye         $1100

Standard Replacement Lens Pricing $350 per lens. All lenses come with a 30 day warranty and contact lens care solution starter kit.