Ortho-K instructions: lens care program

Inserting Ortho-K Lenses

    1. Wash and dry your hands, taking care not to leave any lint on your fingers.
  1. Never touch your eyes or lenses without washing your hands.
    1. Remove the lens from your case and fill the back of the lens with comfort drops (Celluvisc)
    1. Place the lens straight onto the eye over the pupil (black part)
    1. Rinse your case out with hot water, dry with a tissue and leave to dry overnight in your bedroom, not the bathroom.
    1. Go to bed. Try to go to sleep as soon as possible as your new lenses are more comfortable when you are asleep.

Removing Ortho-K lenses

    1. After washing and drying your hands, place a drop of the comfort drop into each eye
    1. After five minutes, use you index finger to push up your bottom eyelid and ensure your contact lenses are moving
    1. Use your lens sucker to remove the lenses by looking straight at the sucker, or use the tight blink to remove your lenses
    1. Clean your lenses in your had by rubbing and rinsing with Menicare Plus solution.
    1. Place your lenses into your dry lens case and cover with Menicare Plus solution.

Clean your lenses with Menicare Progent protein removal system at least once a fortnight, to ensure your lenses are clean and healthy and will last as long as possible.

Replace your contact lens case every three months.