Truely personalized lenses

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Personal Rx digital freeform lens technology crafts a new type of completely customized lens. This state of the art technology provides clearer sharper and more accurate vision as well as a wider field of view.
The lenses deliver better night vision, improved contrast and richer colour perception.

True personalized lenses.

You see better with these lenses because they are personalized for your vision. Your lenses are made just for you. This makes the lens power accurate not just at some parts of the lens but all over the lens surface. Previously, lenses have been one-size-fits-all. These new lenses are unique to the wearer, like DNA.

Precise calculations include in the design how you look through your lenses, your lifestyle and needs.
More measurements are made to take into account your posture, panoramic angle, frame contour and wrap angle, as well as viewing distance, pantascopic tilt and vertex distance.

This enables truly personalized lenses for individual wearers, optimized for the position of wear to reflect the fitted lenses as they are perceived by the person actually wearing the glasses.

Most wearers experience improved vision with greater wearer comfort and quicker adaptation, as these lenses have been designed for your unique and personal way of looking at things.

Whatever your lifestyle needs may be – general purpose, office, sports – best vision occurs with truely personalized design free form lenses.

Available as single vision and progressive lenses for clearer more accurate vision.

Who can benefit from this technology?

Everyone can benefit from this technology!
Lenses are more accurate with this technology, and are precise to 0.001D.

Wearers with high visual requirements, higher Rxs and stronger astigmatism, and those who want the best and latest, who have difficulty in low light such as night driving, and who want improved contrast are particularly suitable for personal high definition digital free form lenses.

If you want the best vision, you need the best technology.