Prescription sports sunglasses

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Prescription sunglasses give you better vision in all outdoor conditions.

Regular sunglasses just don’t cut it when it comes to driving, playing a game of golf with mates or simply reading at the beach. What you need is the great looks of designer sunglasses with the visual performance benefits of your prescription glasses.

See further. React quicker. Look better.
Prescription sunglasses give you the edge in all outdoor conditions.
The difference is huge!

Sunglasses also provide eye protection when playing sports. For example, sunglasses protect your eyes from branches and debris you don’t see coming when mountain biking. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from foreign objects. Sports sunwear can save your eyes from preventable and sometimes permanent eye injuries.
New freeform single vision and progressive lenses are available for performance sports wrap sunglasses.

Lenses made with new CNC multi-axis lens surfacing technology enhance contrast, make vision sharper and allow for clearer peripheral vision and overall clarity.

These lenses are designed especially for sports wrap sunglasses.

They are suitable for a wide range of prescriptions, and a wide range of sporting or lifestyle activities.

Special sports ranges such as Maui Jim and Bolle are available in this technology in prescription.