Safe in the sun

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It is important that you protect your eyes from the invisible rays produced by the sun.

Sunglasses are functional as well as fashionable. They provide protection for your eyes against the ultraviolet (UV) radiation, bright visible light and glare.

Every day – whether it is sunny or cloudy – we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most of the time we don’t even realize it, as UV rays are invisible. With the ozone layer depleting, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is increasing. These rays are contributing to early wrinkling, cataracts, sunburn of the eye, eyelid and other forms of skin cancer. Medical scientists also believe that over exposure to UV can damage the central retina.

A for Aging

UV A radiation ages. These invisible rays tan your skin but also cause premature ageing and can accelerate the development of age related vision problems. They cause damage over a long periods and excessive exposure can damage eyesight.

B for Burning

UV B radiation burns. These invisible rays are responsible for causing sunburn and can quickly damage eye tissue with unprotected exposure. All sunglasses must filter out UVB.

It is vital you choose the right pair of sunglasses that will offer both protection and visual clarity in the sun.

Our experts are on hand to offer you information, advice and practical tips on choosing the right sunglasses so you see safely in the sun, and we can fit prescription lenses to a great range of our designer sunglass styles.