Sunglasses for your face shape

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Select the most flattering sunglass using your face shape

To find your best shape of sunglass, the sunglass size should be in proportion with the face size. If you have a small face with delicate features, smaller sunglasses are best. If you have a large face with bold facial features, bigger dramatic sunglasses are best.

An exception is when you are not looking to balance your features, but instead want to exaggerate or call attention to a feature you like. For example, if you want to call attention to your small delicate features you could wear large sunglasses to make your features look even smaller and more delicate. If you want to call attention to a square or angular face, you could wear sunglasses with hard lines to draw attention to this feature.

Select the most flattering sunglasses using your face shape.  The sunglass shape should contrast with, that is, be the opposite of, the shape of your face. If you have a curved face, opt for angular sunglasses and vice versa.

SHAPE    SHAPES                        SHAPES

Square   Oval, round, cats eye    Geometric

Round    Rectangular,                 Round
             geometric, double
             &nbsp  brow          

Oval       Lucky you…any shape will work!

Oblong   Wide rectangle, oval      Small, round

Heart     Butterfly, rimless           Straight brow bar