Contact lenses can change your life

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Freedom for you and your eyes

There has never been a better time to wear contact lenses.

Recent advances in contact lens technology means that almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of contact lens wear. Modern lenses are more comfortable and affordable than ever before. Contact lenses offer you clear vision, comfort and convenience. Lenses are available for full-time wear, or for the odd social or sporting activity. Click here to learn more.

Why contact lenses?

Contact lenses can make a real difference to your life. Anyone who wears glasses knows that having the option to be without them for some of the time is fantastic!

Contact lenses offer you many benefits:

  1. Achieving uninterrupted peripheral vision
  1. Great for sporting activities where glasses may get in the way or be dangerous eg football, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, cycling
  1. To create a different look, eg with coloured contact lenses. People see the ‘real’ you free from glasses eg weddings and special occasions
  1. More comfort by removing the weight and irritation that spectacles sometimes cause on the nose and ears
  1. To remove the inconvenience of spectacles fogging up or getting wet

Many people feel that they are more natural and comfortable wearing contact lenses.

If you have thought about lenses but wondered if you are suitable, now is the time to find out.

The first step to wearing contacts is to have a current eye examination followed by a contact lens consultation. At that appointment we will assess your suitability for lenses and explain your options for using contact lenses to correct your vision or to change your eye colour.

A contact lens consultation includes:

  1. A full assessment of corneal health
  1. Discussion on suitability to lens wear
  1. Lifestyle requirements
  1. Lens selection
  1. Tuition on use and care of your lenses
  1. A personalized wear program
  1. A personalized lens care program
  1. A personalized aftercare program for your eyes

Your first experience of lens wear will be as soon as possible. We will demonstrate how amazingly comfortable they can be. Where possible we will let you take some home to try before you commit yourself to going ahead.

We offer free trials of contact lenses to all suitable patients where possible.

The only cost will be the contact lens assessment and fitting fee.

We provide the highest quality eyecare. As independent Optometrists, we will choose the lens that is most suitable for your eyes and vision.

If you already know your prescription and would like to order more contact lenses, please call your nearest Eyes & Vision practice to order your next supply.
Alternatively if your prescription is over 12 months old we recommend that you make an appointment with us for a checkup.