Vision training

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Vision Training enables the individual to use their vision in the most efficient and effective manner.

When the visual system works more efficiently, more visual information can be received, processed and comprehended.

Students with good visual abilities read faster with less effort, understand more of what they read and retain the information longer.

Athletes who use their vision more efficiently see things more quickly, evaluate relative position more accurately, tire less and demonstrate enhanced overall performance.

Vision training can be used for simple eye problems such as inefficient focusing or difficulties in eye alignment, as well as body bilaterality, eye-hand co-ordination, form perception and directionality.

Can the eyes focus accurately and without effort? Are they able to work together so they can look at the same place at the same time? Can they move appropriately so they can follow a moving object or anticipate where the cricket ball is going to be in order to hit it?

Are these skills so automatic that they occur easily and comfortably as well as accurately and without effort? Can the information be used in a meaningful way to integrate with other sensory inputs such as touch, movement and balance information?

Vision training is individually customized for the specific needs of each child.