We’re here to help you see perfectly in the sun

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Whatever you do in the sun we want to ensure you can see clearly.

Your eyesight matters. Don’t forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses help you enjoy outdoor activities more.

You see better and your eyes feel more comfortable with glare protection.

Wearing sunglasses helps you prevent car accidents. Keep a polarized pair in the car to see sharply even when the sun is glaring.

Wearing sunglasses can help you prevent macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.

Wearing your sunglasses helps keep your eyes looking white, clear and healthy by protecting against the unsightly yellowish pingueculae and pterygia that grow on the whites of your eyes. And sunglasses protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the sun’s harmful and aging effects.

Even if you wear contact lenses with UV protection, you still need to wear sunglasses over the contacts because UV rays will damage the eye tissue not covered by the contacts.

Sunglasses protect against annoying and even painful glare that causes you to squint, block your vision and makes your eyes tired.

Glare is scattered light that affects vision and comfort. There are four levels of glare:

  • Distracting glare, caused by lens reflections, is usually a minor annoyance, but can also result in eye fatigue.
  • Discomforting glare, caused by bright lights, also results in eye fatigue, often as a result of constant squinting.
  • Disabling glare is caused by excessive intense light which blocks vision.
  • Blinding glare is caused by reflections from smooth surfaces such as roads, water or snow. Blinding glare can be dangerous as it blocks vision in critical conditions such as driving or skiing.

Sunglasses also protect from wind, dust and pollen. They help to comfort dry eyes, reducing tearing and squinting.

It is vital you choose the right pair of sunglasses that will offer both protection and visual clarity in the sun.

Our experts are on hand to offer you information, advice and practical tips on choosing the right sunglasses so you see safely in the sun, and we can fit prescription lenses to a great range of our designer sunglass styles.