Look after your eyes

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Your eyes are unique
Better take care of them

Your eyesight is precious – so it is very important that you have regular eye examinations, at least every two years, whether you feel you need glasses or not.

Nine out of ten people fear losing their sight above any other sense.
In the next two decades, one million Australians will suffer vision loss or blindness. We take our vision for granted, until we are faced with the life-changing prospect of going without it.

Unlike the rest of your body, your eyes may not hurt when something is wrong.

In fact, changes to the health of your eyes can occur without you noticing any symptoms. When changes to your vision do occur it may already be too late to do anything about it.

Over 75% of vision loss can be prevented with regular eye examinations.

We recommend an eye examination every two years, or more frequently if advised, to keep your eyes at their best for the future.

Adults above 75 should have their eyes tested every year.

We recommend children have an eye examination by three years of age, at five years, and at least two yearly during their growing years. For a thorough eye examination book online today.

Please look after your eyes.